The Hindu News Paper-Best Biryani Hunt

The word “Biryani” gives many reasons for hyderabadis to jump out of joy. And when i got a call from a food blogger from Delhi who wanted me to help them out in listing down best hyderabadi biryani, I knew it was time to jump again 😝. So, the #GreatIndianFoodTrip was divided into 4 legs starting from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore where the restaurants with best biryani will be covere. And what better place to start from Hyderabad, where we began hunting down from shadab, shahghouse (old city branch), meridian, cafe bahar(basheerbagh), bawarchi (Rtc x Roads) and Astoria hotel. Now you can imagine the amount of biryani we indulged in 😉. Wanted to cover many other places but unfortunately due to less time we had to settle down for 6 restaurants. Indeed every place had it’s own taste and flavours but for me it was SHADAB who clearly won the race. It was more about helping the guests from delhi and Lucknow than feasting on biryani.

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