For a non-vegetarian like me, I would prefer to push away vegetarian dishes. But, Rajdhani always assures to awaken the vegetarian in me and go bonkers over it. It stands tall just like its name, and that’s the reason when I was called for to celebrate the specially curated winter season menu “Swad Kesariya” by Chef Jodharam Maharaj, I was delighted. Rajdhani is known for its dedicated service and the culture of feeding you, till you drop.

Keeping that promise, they served us with an enormous thali of food, and some favorites of mine from the assorted thali were: –

Sarson Shalgum Ki Sabzi was kind of the hero of the thali due to its elegant yet contrasting flavor and blend of spices and was a perfect accompaniment to Jowar and Moong Rotla. Surti Undhiyu was one of Chef’s personal favorite, and it features nine different ingredients which taste unbelievably good and goes well with puri on the side. Methi Ka Petla being a greens-based curry had enriching soul flavors to it and was a winner too. But I would always put my highest bid on Dal bhaati churma, a delectable dish, and staple from Rajasthan.

Last but not the least, the dinner wouldn’t have been complete without desserts. There was an array of desserts from Mewa Kachori, Khajur Ladoo to Goond Ke Laddu, Kesar Jelabi, Tomato Halwa and Badam Ladoo.

When you put it all together, it was a fantastic experience, and the fest runs until 30th Dec (lunch and dinner except for Tuesdays) for an attractive price of 475++. The food is unlimited, and so is the variety.

So, run now and grab a thali for yourself!


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