The Debut of Le Vantage

Food and place define each other. So, when I heard about this new cafe in town, I was excited. As a food blogger, it’s essential to be able to distinguish between good and top-class food, and that’s what I was hoping to experience. Oh lord! Lé Vantage Café Bar didn’t disappoint me instead engulfed me in its rustic, vintage interior with an array of delectable dishes.

Upon entering the cafe, the typical European vintage interiors vividly transports you to Europe. As you embrace the bucolic space around, you can make sense of the wave of relaxation filling you up and relieving you of the stress. I was amazed by the plethora of dishes they served us ranging from seafood to desserts. By the end of the session, I was overwhelmed and speechless.

Our table had a pre-planned menu. Hence it all started with a variety of starters from Jumbo Prawns Tempura to chicken popcorns. The prawns were visually stunning and juicy, filled with flavors. Prawn Gamberetti pizza was spot on along with Fish & Chips. The finger foods had Onion Rings, Chicken Popcorn which was crispy and vanished in a jiffy. Korean Chicken Wings was the pick of the lot for me, one that you can munch on tirelessly. But, the star of the luncheon was the Chicken nuggets which were marinated for 48 hours, and it reflected in the softness of the meat as it melted in the mouth. They served us with enough Peta Bread to go along with the flavorful Hummus.

But nothing is complete without desserts. There was quite a lot of options, and nevertheless, those were amazing ones.

Strawberry Cheesecake was creamy with a superb crust and perfect sweetness of the strawberry jam. There was a Blueberry Cheesecake too, but I would prefer it over the strawberry any day.  Tiramisu was non-alcoholic, and so it cannot justify the authentic tiramisu taste, but the portion size was small by pricing. Banoffee Pie had fresh banana slices infused with the toffee sauce and tasty tart base with subtle flavors and freshness oozing out of it. Walnut Brownie with espresso looked visually appealing but lacked the oomph it created through flavors.

Overall, it was a nice tasting session, but I would like to see what they bring more to the table.

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