SOTA- World class Music fest at Westin

SOTA Music Festival 2018 was the highlight of the year with an outstanding array of international musicians and soloists. All the artists this season have performed at one or more of the worlds most prestigious venues and i was privileged that they have chosen to perform in Hyderabad. The historic city of Hyderabad provides a perfect fit: intimate enough that the Festival would captivate the entire city, yet cosmopolitan enough to provide an enthusiastic audience.


Musicians of the highest artistic calibre from all over the world who, collectively perform orchestral repertoire within the classical tradition brought a never-seen-before level of musicianship and instrumental virtuosity to India. This event  propelled audiences into another world of music altogether and  created a resonance of heart and mind that one only finds in the majestic concert halls such as Carnegie Hall and the Musikverein, Vienna.

SOTA – Hyderabads premier Classical Music Festival, maintains its dedication to young artists, creating a strong connection between the Festival and musicians and audiences through intimate concerts and dynamic education. This was a unique experience and a pioneering moment.

Trout Quintet Robert Schumann – Piano Quintet Two awe-inspiring pianists and two masterpieces of Chamber music captured our attention with sheer poetry. Italian pianist Alessandro Deljavan has an almost hypnotic effect with Schuberts Trout Quintet. This work has been performed for over a hundred and fifty years and is a stroke of genius filled with his melodious song like dreamy atmosphere. Following the Trout is the dramatic ensemble with pianist Martin Helmchen. The Schumann Quintet is considered by many his crowning achievement in the world of chamber music. The energy and suspense of this tonal sketch are on par with any of Shakespeares plays. This orchestral masterpiece was written originally for piano in 1884 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Danish-Norwegian playwright Ludvig Holberg. Grieg added his romantic touch to Baroque form in this suite. It is a collection of thought-dances. Full of energetic strings articulating lively rhythms without missing the simplicity of the Scandinavian soul.

Beethoven’s ground-breaking Piano Concerto No. 4 was  filled with keyboard virtuosity. lts improvisations and flowing passages are often juxtaposed with celestial moments. This grand concerto was composed in 1805 and has been a yearly favorite in Europe’s major concert halls. This evening left me spellbound with timeless music and dazzling performances.

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