New Menu at Pine & Dine

Some places around the city just keep quiet and host only a few people who knew about it. I guess, Pine and Dine is one of them. It’s tucked in the lane beside Oracle and the top hangout place for corporates. But right now, they want to establish themselves which led them to prepare for a new menu. So, when they invited us to try it out, I was unsure of what to expect. Honestly, I went with very little expectation.

But oh my, they served us well. The management and the chef knew what they are aiming for and the people they are catering. It’s a small buzzing place, and on a weekday, it was filled.

It’s a decent looking place with a plain white décor. Nothing fancy and at first sight, you may not be impressed but their food, speaks volumes.

The starters were stunning. The Fried Polenta sticks had a sharp and contrasting flavor with the balsamic vinegar and dip. My top pick was the Cajun Spiced Chicken Strips which was crispy from outside and juicy inside. Salads never entice me, but the Mediterranean Couscous Salad and Nicoise Salad were refreshing and beautiful.

The Crab Cakes were delightful with the earthy taste of the sea. The Mushroom Arancini had the right mix of flavors too. But the Vietnamese Rolls was the fault of a lousy execution with an insanely salty dip.

From mains, Ratatouille with Herb Millet was healthy and looked terrific. It was followed by Broccoli Tomato Risotto which had sun-dried tomatoes and yummy. I liked the Pan-Fried Fish Sizzler with a flavorful sauce smeared over the fish.


The star of the evening was Shalgam Gosht (turnip mutton curry) with an assorted roti basket. The combination is made in heaven, where the meat just melted in my mouth. It had some excellent flavors and was indeed the hero of the night.

After a heavenly meal, I was expecting some terrific desserts. But, I was disappointed a little. Though the healthy and non-sweet Chilled Coconut Watermelon Sago was good as it had subtle flavors, the hot Sizzling Brownie went down due to its poor execution.

Irrespective of the desserts, I was impressed by choice of the menu they served us. I hope they keep up the consistency and make people come back again and again.

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