Nizami Menu at AISH(The Park)

Aish, The Park Hyderabad curated a hand-crafted royal menu from the Nizam’s kitchen. It’s a carefully drafted nine-course meal from Chef Thimma Reddy, which will undoubtedly fascinate you as you sit down to taste. Moreover, its priced at 999 for early birds from 7-9 PM (dinner only) and 1499 post 9 PM.

Aish is true to its name. The royal décor around the restaurant was enough to captivate me. As I sit down to taste, we were handed our set menu card in an interictally designed cylinder. So, as you are served, you can look into your menu card and wait for the next one to come.

Nannari was a perfect start to our elegant dinner followed by the beautiful and fragrant Gosht Ka Marag. The starters were splendid and were plated with expertise. We had Shikampur Kebba, Murgh Mutabak, and Pathar Ka Gosht. The Gosht Haleem was the star dish with the flavors dancing around accompanied with an amazingly soft Sheermal. The Safed Murgh Ka Salan was creamy and heavenly with the flaky Nizami Lachcha and Pyaz Ka Kulcha (Stuffed onion kulcha). Chowgra and Hyderabadi Katti Daal were delectable as well. The Hyderabadi Katti dal was a surprise for me, and it has been part of the Nizam household, but you can hardly get it anywhere around in Hyderabad. The Sufiani Pulao was overcooked, and the Timatar Ka Kut could have been better. It was way too bland for the rice.

For the desserts, it was Chocolate Jouzi Cake which was dominated by nutmeg. Then there was beautifully crafted Gulab Ki Kheer which tasted better and looked superb.

Overall, for 999, it’s a good deal to just Aish karo and khaate jao. Get in early to enjoy without burning your pocket and dine like royals.

Bon Appetit!






Overall, for 999 AI I don’t think royal fine dining can get any better.. Rush in and dine like the royals!!!

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