I had heard a lot from my Bangalore friends, that the hole in the wall joint is a big thing there. Lately, I had been craving for some good English breakfast. With this joint coming to Hyderabad, I couldn’t miss it. So, one beautiful sunny morning, I visited the place to get hold of breakfast.

The place is vivid but subtle with colors. With blue, yellow windows around and small plants hanging, it hit just the right notes for me. It had that vintage European feel with little table and chairs around. Who wouldn’t like just to wake up and have breakfast in such a beautiful place? The place had racks and shelves filled with books, which I adore.


Since it was a breakfast we started with the humongous, Breakfast Burger: layers of juicy Chicken Patty along with Hash Browns, Chicken Sausage, Vegetables with layers of Mayonnaise and Cheese sandwiched between two waffles. It was a complete meal, and I guess you get to feel like a king after that colossal burger. We also had Chicken Burger, served with chips and topped with some mushrooms sautéed with onions. The Waffles were yummy and needed no mention of that beautiful, creamy texture. The Chicken9Yards was full of veggies, and chicken sausage served along with a beautiful sunny side up egg. A perfect egg like that just makes my day.

But nothing ends without desserts, and hence we decided to grab some Apple Pie Waffle and Cheesecake Waffle. These waffles were fantastic, and each imparted a different flavor. Even the Triple Layer Chocolate Pancake was also a delight to have and munch on for hours.  In the drinks, we had the Basil & Peach Lemonade, Lime & Ginger Juice, and Cherry Cola Coke Floats. Though the drinks were pretty simple, yet they were refreshing and lightened my mood.


Overall, it was a pleasant experience. The best part about this cafe is that it opens at 8.30 AM in the morning. Though I am not a morning person, still I look forward to dropping by more often and help myself with some good English breakfast.

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