Cannoli cafe ! A place with heavenly food.

I am astounded by the number of cafés cropping up in and around Hyderabad. But Cannoli café has been there for quite a time, but sadly I never heard about it. It’s disappointing when some beautiful places like this get overshadowed by every new café.

As I entered the café, it had a striking similarity with the Driven café – Hyderabad. Both are on the same floor, and it was overpowered by the buzz around driven café. The place was well lit and had some fantastic wooden frameworks on the wall and ceiling. All the fresh baked delicacies were too tempting. Yes, I have never been to a café for dinner, but I was willing to risk it.

The beautiful spectacle with that freshly baked smell lurking around, I couldn’t wait for the dinner to start. As the chef began pouring his most exquisite dishes, I was bowled by the finesse and flavors. The flavors were not overwhelming but maintained their stature.

We started with Pancake Start – a hearty breakfast, followed by Triple Cheese Knots. It’s cheese fondue with pav elegantly making it an Indian version. It was flavorful, cheesy, creamy and a perfect sin. The Chicken Melts and Zucchini Bites were good to munch on while the Almond Brioche and Strawberry Brioche added the extra dimension to our sweet palate. We also had some Pulled Chicken Waffle and Egg Waffle. Both the waffles were well cooked and raised the bar for another waffle series.

There were drinks too. The Avocado Cream was incredible and star of the night for me.  The Irish Cream Coffee stood out for me and was a deadly combination. I felt the bubble Tea could have been better.

For the main course, we had Mustard Salmon Steak and Jamaican Jerk Chicken. The Jamaican Jerk Chicken won my heart with those wonderful flavors and stunning glaze.

Nothing can end without dessert. Hence, we were served Signature Choco Platter, which was quite literally a chocolate paradise. Even the Baked Yogurt and Signature Choco Burin were terrific and made my day.

Go on a weekend to enjoy an excellent place with some great food at Cannoli café.

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