Trident Hyderabad(Rivaayat E Hyderabad)

Food fests are all about the long-lost culture, recipes, traditions that we lose out being the uber-cool millennials. The “Rivaayat-e-Patiala” at Trident Hyderabad is all about the recipes that we are losing out due to urbanization with a twist of their own. It meant to bring out the essence of Punjab to our plate.


Chef Parvinder Singh Bali is one of a kind and the food he brought out to our table was mindblowing. He brings in a curated menu from the royal family of Patiala that dates back to more than 400 years. This food fest brings you recipes which are beyond any expectation and is aptly named “Rivaayat” which means tradition. Every dish that was presented to us was a plate full of richness wrapped with simplicity.

I called the chef as one of a kind because he actually took the time out and spoke about the nitty-gritty of each dish i.e. from its cooking style to the technique used. I was taken aback b the amount of knowledge he poured on us and each dish spoke volumes about his finesse in the craft. I got a little overwhelmed with every bite.

There were dishes like #KushkMahiKebab, #AshkauriChampaan to #PatialaShahiTikki, which were super delicious. Especially the #PatialaShahiTikki was amazing, as it was made out of Yam. The ingredients were so simple but they just stood out with their richness. The #ShahiBhartha was an eggplant dish but it was terrific too. Even the #DumBharwanKareley was my favorite with the beautiful filling and it truly shakes your palate. It was an enthralling experience on its own and you will end up loving everything and will be showered with a masterclass from the chef himself.

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