Westin Hyderabad (Bohri Food Fest)

Bohri Cuisine is a super delicious and enthralling as it has got major influences from Gujarat, as well from Arab and Middle Eastern countries. There are traditions associated with the cuisine from the way they eat to the way the food is cooked.

The food is served in a thal, where the family sits around and eats. It’s considered to be a symbol of equality and sharing. The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace is hosting the #BohriFoodFestival till 25th March where Chef Alifiya Galabhai, the chef from The Westin Mumbai Garden City will please you with a huge amount of delicious food from the cuisine. As we sat down to dine, she explained the rules and their meanings.

  • Every meal starts with taking a grain of salt which is believed to clear the taste bud and it is served by the youngest present on the table
  • A Bohra meal starts with dessert to make you feel more homely and adds a freshness to a whole new level.
  • There is a particular way to sit and eat the food, to ensure everybody gets the place to sit and enjoy their meal properly.

We started with the delectable Paya Soup which was subtle, but that extra kick was from the garlic. The starters were Nariyal Batata Patties,  Aloo Keema Patties, and Smoked Dal Samosas. All of them were flavorful and elevated my expectation from the food fest. They were the best quick bites I had in quite a time. The Lagan Ni Seekh was the best as the mutton kebab was cooked over layers of potato. And potato and meat is a deadly combination. But more than that, it was jam-packed with flavors. The Russian Patties was another twist added to that where they take the typical Russian salad ingredients and put it into a patty. It was a master-stroke.for me and kind of blew me away.

The mains was truly the most favorite part of my course from the food fest. It was a contrast to the subtle, light starters with a more rich, heavy and mind-blowing dishes. Dishes like the Bheja Masala, Bohra Green Raan were sumptuous. Especially the bheja masala was one of the best. The Gavarfari Ni Sabzi and the Kala Channa Batata were some vegetarian varieties and delicious too. We also had the Lamba Pao and Rawa Roti. The Masoor Pulav Sarkhi was unique for my Hyderabadi taste buds and truly was a bliss. The Chicken Biryani had some subtle flavors but very different from the Hyderabadi version.

For the desserts, we had Karamro, Dhoodhi Falooda, Malida and KheerPuri, the perfect end to an ever-cherishing dinner. Interactions with Chef Alifiya was one of the interesting parts of the dinner with her knowledge about the cuisine, it was evident to be a perfect dinner.

I am truly thankful to The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace for hosting such a cuisine as for a food fest.

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