Sundays are meant to be fun days. What about some good brunch with a group of friends? Won’t that be great?

That’s what Fat pigeon is offering, a “Perfect Lazy Sunday brunch.” They have named it as Hop skip brunch. It’s a lavish spread of fantastic food wrapped with positive vibes. The place will lighten your mood and help you to unwind yourself from the weekly toil.

With the challenge to bring in the best of all, the hop skip brunch is priced at 950 INR (non-alcoholic) and 1750 INR (alcoholic). It’s an ideal brunch place and won’t burn your pocket at all. The music flowing in and out with the excellent food served to you; this is a great deal.

The Drinks particularly “Whiskey Headliner” and “Winter is coming” were brilliant and refreshing (As told by my friends). You can keep on drinking it throughout the day without even a slight change in the consistency. Special mention to the chef churning out such splendid dishes. I mean, that’s what is called as a dedicated offering towards your customers. For food, the Italian counter impressed me, with their varieties and distinct flavors. I wish I could taste all of them and eat all day.

This new trend of Sunday brunch will stay on as the food, ambiance, and drinks, all add to a great day. Overall, an amazing brunch indeed and will live in my memories. Thanks to the Team of Fat Pigeon for inviting us over for this brunch launch and summed up to be a happy ending to my day.

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