Bowled by BOWl’D

Madhapur is the hub for young people with no time and money. Hence, another pocket-friendly place is always welcome, just more options. The Bowl’d Mongolian grill has been there in Madhapur for some time, and surely a hidden gem. Its just above Khelkart, and I am sure you will miss it if you don’t look carefully.  Also, the pricing is impressive and there’s a clear, equal dedication to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

The place is small and well lit. Its carefully decorated but they never went overboard. I felt a warm rush of positivity and the place smelled amazing. I was excited to taste the Mongolian cuisine more than anything.

As the food kept coming, it just baffled me. We started with Chefs Tonic, which is a soup and had subtle flavors to it. Next was the Tamangs Chicken Thaitanic, which was nice too. I thought the coating was a little too thick but the filling was very tasty. The Jacks Corn Fritters looked really intimidating as they were little tiny wired ones and I could munch on it all forever. Then we had the Grilled Fish; the fish was cooked perfectly and had a  flaky, crispy skin which made my day. The Dumplings, both were good, soft and with a sauce that was little too sweet for me. The Chongqing Chicken were small chunks of fried chicken sautéed in the red chilly sauce along you’re your choice of veggies. The Mixed Vegetable In Garlic Sauce was a well-cooked dish, whereas the Sliced Chicken In White Sauce was full of flavors. The Super Bowl is where the chef decides for you. It’s a complete meal in itself with the perfect amalgamation of vegetables, rice, and choice of meat. Though it felt more like fried rice but was jam-packed with flavors. But the star of the night was the Mediterranean Grilled Chicken, perfectly grilled chicken served with a BBQ sauce along with veggies and mashed potatoes. It was unbelievably good and it’s a must try.


If you want to hang out at the end of the month, this is the place for you. Its pocket-friendly, good food and what more do you want. It’s a terrific place to hang out with friends or a quick brunch. Go give it a shot.

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