LOG SABHA session has begun

Intriguing theme restaurants are always rated favorite among the foodie community. So is this new place with a new twist called the “Log Sabha,” a revamped venture on the terrace of The Moonshine Project. The place represents its name. It portrays the flavor of a chaotic parliament with some good food. Also, one of the interesting things was the menu card, designed to represent government files. Such feel though!

But if you look closely, though they tried I was not quite satisfied the décor. I felt it needed a little more and better representation of the parliament. Nevertheless, it had an interesting addition of a Van with lights and glass hanging on from its ceiling – a bar. It looked spacious and had wall paintings all over the walls with a mini stage.  People kind of went mad and were busy trying to bring out the politician in them.

Coming to food, they have designed it to be an open-air BBQ experience. Fresh and hot BBQ always works for me. We tried quite a lot of starters where some were hits and some failed miserably. The Honey Mustard Chicken was nice while Fish Afghani and the Lime Mojo Chicken Wings had some interesting flavors. They had the perfect blend of spices. The Dingri Mushrooms could have been better but still a good dish. It was followed by the Hot Cheese Broccoli, which was cheesy and yummy. The best starter for me was the Chicken Chili Kebab, definitely the best and a must try.

Among drinks, I liked the Devils Own which was refreshing. For the main course, we had the Telangana Chicken Curry which was a bang on to our taste buds accompanied with another Prawns Curry. The prawns were terrific too. The Chicken Pulao did amaze me with its flavors and did justice to all the curries.

As always, there were Desserts. But they were not at all impressive. Both the Cheesecake and churros were Okish but the brownies didn’t work for me at all.

Overall, it’s a nice place to go in search of the hidden politician in you. Though they need to really work on their flavors but a good intention always wins the race. Go dine there.

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