Pan Asian by Mehfil

Mehfil means an evening of courtly entertainment poetry or concert of Indian classical music and Pakistani classical music (particularly Hindustani classical music) and dance, performed for a small audience in an intimate setting. Ohri’s Mehfil is true to their name.

As you enter the restaurant, you find yourself in a beautifully decorated place. The place has drapes lining the wall with beautiful and vintage furniture. Mehfil projects serenity and calms you down. Accompanied by Ghazal, it’s a surreal experience. I am a big fan of Ghazal, and it just elevated the whole experience for me. We were invited to a tasting session, and they overloaded us with delicious foods.

As we sat down to have our food, for starters we had Red chilly cottage cheese with cashew. It was nice and not spicy. The Drums of Heaven was amazing and very inviting. They were jam-packed with flavors. Even the Crispy Fish Roasted Chili had a significant infusion of flavors. The fish was perfectly cooked and soaked the flavors to enhance it. The Chili salted Prawns was luscious, and I can munch on it forever. The prawns were juicy, perfectly cooked and quietly wins the race to be the best of the night. It had the perfect balance of flavors. There was also Siracha Butterfish, which again was flavorful. The Crunchy fried Korean wings were terrific, and when coated with the chili garlic sauce, it’s a fantastic combination.

For the main course we had Thai Red prawns curry, and Chicken Rendong Curry served with Fried rice. The flavor of both the curries was heavenly and went very well with the fried rice.

For desserts we had Water chestnuts with longan fruit and coconut milk; Banana tempura with caramel sauce and Hongkong egg curry tart. All of them were just one stop – fantastic!

Please do visit the place for experience ghazal and food together.

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