Pista House THE LEGEND

Pista House is a legendary name when it comes to Haleem especially. They are a well Known name across the globe providing service in over 60 countries. “Masoor hai yeh Pista house, Kha le bohut tasty hai!”- That was someone’s reaction.

I always wished to have a dedicated session for Haleem, and Pista House was always the first choice. All these years, I tried for it but could never make up to it. So, this time I made sure that I do it and I do it well. The idea behind the whole session was to explain to people why Pista House is considered as a legend, or rather the best for some haleem. I wanted the whole food community to be present, and as it turned out more than 30 people turned up.

Our session took place at Pista House, Tolichowki. As all of them assembled, came, the table was already set for the tasting session. There was loads of Haleem, and people went bonkers. The whole session went insane, as foodies kept refilling their plates with the flavorful Haleem. Along with Haleem, we had an array of desserts, ranging all the way from Royal Chocolate pudding to mulberry cream. They had some delightful looking cakes, and I just couldn’t resist ourselves. The happy bunch wanted some more delectable food so, we decided to have dinner at Zafar’s fine dining. We ordered Chicken Mandi, which was juicy and flavorful as always. The Mandi went out and people just hogged on it. We also ordered Al- faham it was as delicious as the other one.

But no tasting session end’s without desserts. Hence, our last stop was at Nice juice center. We had mango malai, dry fruit cream, Mulberry cream and a whole lot more than that. All of them were just beautifully made and indeed, delicious. As we ended our session I couldn’t be happier looking at the crazy bunch of people who love food and I am one of them.

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