Ramadan FoodWalk

Ramazan is the holy month for Muslims across the world, and during this time, Hyderabad lights up. The streets in the old city are filled with people, foods, colors and loads of love. Every nook and cranny in the old city is full of colors and will surely mesmerize you. There’s a plethora of food that the city offers, and if you are a food lover, it’s the best time to visit Hyderabad. From Haleem to kebab, Dudh malai to sahdud cream, there’s no end to delicious food. In and around Charminar, the streets are welcoming and will make you feel as if you belong to this city.

So, as happened I decided to take the food community of Hyderabad around these unknown streets and let them have the Chaska of heaven. I invited the food community, and 32 of them turned up. It was a roller coaster ride with so many people and taking them around these busy roads was a huge task.

Our food walk started right in front of Charminar, from the very famous Nimrah café. There we divulged in Irani chai and a vast variety of tasty biscuits. My all-time favorite was the Osmania one, which just melts in your mouth. We also had the chance to interact with the owner of Nimrah Café, who was so impressed with us that he got Mirchi buns for us. They were one of the soft buns with the perfect seasoning, I had in a long time. After a lovely tea, it was time for Milan Juice center. During Ramzan, they churn out some special desserts like dry fruit cream, sahdud cream, etc. We took a bunch of stuff from avocado juice, mango malai, Sahdud cream (Mulberry cream), dry fruit salad. All of them were excellent, I would always prefer the dry fruit salad, as that’s my favorite from the lot.

You must be wondering why desserts in the first segment? Our idea was to stroll around the same street and have food as we go along the same road. Our next stop was Akbar fast food center. People went crazy, and made a whopping bill of 4349 rupees. Can you believe it? But nevertheless, we had loads of chicken fry, chicken tandoori and Chicken 65 with Waqri paratha. I loved the chicken 65, it has been my all-time favorite and flavorful at the same time. The waqri paratha needs special mention as it was so soft, it melted inside the mouth. After a delicious meal, we decided t go visit the matwale doodh ghar. We had lassi there, which was little too liquidy for me. I didn’t like the artificial strawberry flavor in it.

But no food walk can end without Haleem from Pista House and Chicken Biriyani from Shah Ghouse. Pista House Haleem was devoured in a minute and people attacked on it as if that’s the last bowl of Haleem in the world. Anyways, it was terrific. After Haleem, it was time for some tasty biriyani. As usual, Shah Ghouse biriyani’s always top the chart when asked about the favorite biriyani across Hyderabad.

Yet, after this, we were craving for some ice cream, hence we headed towards Famous ice cream. Its one of the best place for ice cream and had their mango ice cream. The start and end were eventful with 32 people for your food walk and taking care of them. It was a successful Ramzan food walk, and I will look forward to the next years walk as well.

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