Aqasa – The Arabic Kitchen

Hyderabad is a place, where people are crazy for cuisines. Mediterranean cuisine has gained tremendous popularity within a short time, and people are mad about it throughout Hyderabad. More such restaurants are opening and increasing the competition. Another addition to it is Aqasa, in Banjara Hills.

Aqasa is a beautiful place. They’ve created an elegant looking site by playing with colors and space. As you enter the place, you are greeted by this gleeful color of pillows and curtains.  They have a pleasant seating area, and you can sit down according to your choice, from rooftop to a family section. I loved the fact that they have a semi rooftop dining place, where you can admire the night and eat. Overall, for me, it was just an excellent place to be at accompanied by good food.

Just like the traditional ways, we were welcomed with tea. They had two variants, one of them a little sweeter than the other one. But indeed, both were flavorful and cleansed our palate. Then we had Shorba Harira. It can’t be called as soup and was not that great as well.  We were served two salads, and Tabbouleh salad. The Fattoush was simple with a dash of fresh bell peppers and a vinaigrette dressing. The tabbouleh was flavorful and had a crunch element to it but had a little too much mustard, which just marred its taste.

After the salads, it was time for some appetizers. We had Istanbul chicken, Chicken Sahan, Lebanese mezze platter, Turkish kebab and Harissa fish. For me, the star of the night was the Harissa fish. It was unique in its ways and was perfectly cooked. The Chicken Sahan was a creamy appetizer, an excellent addition to the appetizers. The Istanbul chicken was a little too bland for me and sauces didn’t do the wonders they were supposed to do. The Lebanese mezze is perfect for vegetarians. It had Pita bread with regular hummus, beetroot, leafy vegetables, falafel. All of them had the same taste, and I couldn’t make out which was what. The Turkish kebab was a skewer with veggies and had a mild flavor lingering to it.

Then was the time for some mandi.  The kabsa had the flavor of tomato in it. It was mild but needs a little punch of spice. The other mandi’s needs improvement for sure. We ended our session with Qataef and Kunafa. Both of them didn’t work for me.

Though some dishes need to be worked on, there were a couple of tasty dishes too. Overall, it’s a pretty nice place to be.

Give it a visit!

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