Dakshin by ITC Kakatiya

South India is full of flavors and houses an overwhelming number of dishes. Dakshin, at ITC Kakatiya, is known for their finesse and expertise in showcasing the South Indian cuisine in its pure form. They are the pioneer in steering the views of South Indian cuisine towards much more and not limiting it to only rasam, sambar, Dosa, etc. They bring you an exciting range of dishes by introducing 28 more dishes along with retaining most from their old menu to elevate your palate and choice.

A bunch of us were invited to preview their new menu which starts from Friday. I wouldn’t have been happier to experience this. The place is vibrant and immediately transports you to old times. The dining experience remains unchanged with the tinge of royalty and culture entwined. They serve food in banana leaves and silver plate, one of a kind though. Even the servers are in traditional attire which adds on to the beauty of the experience. The Carnatic music truly raises the bar for the whole dining experience to another dimension and leaves you content.

This time there are some unique dishes which brings out the heart and soul from the South Indian kitchen. Dishes like Natukodi Koora (country chicken in a spiced mixture of cashew), Chinna Vengaya Patchai Milagai Mandi (A tangy and fiery curry of shallots, garlic, jumbo chili and butter beans), Ananas Mensakai (Pineapple curry made with byadgi chilli and coconut) and the star dish was Keera Kootu (tempered local greens and lentils with chilli) were delightful. The condiments along with the whole array of dishes were just mind-blowing. There were urugai manga, moor melagai, appalam and the yummy paniyaram.

Chef Praveen Anand, the Executive Chef of all Dakshin, Paul Noronha, Execute Chef, Dakshin, ITC Kakatiya and Chef Sakala Sankara were there to guide and familiarize us with various flavors from the Dakshin part of India. Their immaculate knowledge about the cuisine helped us to know more about every dish and learn the story behind them. Talks over food are always exceptional and encouraging.

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