Milk Shake & Co

Hyderabad’s nooks and crannies are filled with milkshake places. Every day, there’s a new place cropping up with new ideas about milkshakes, coffees, fries, and pizza. Another addition to that league is the famous Milkshake And Co. After a successful stint in Chandigarh and Chennai, Milkshake and Co. is finally here in Hyderabad. They have opened a new store in Jubilee Hills, right next to Maharaja Chaat.

or me, the store brought a breeze of fresh air. At least they are trying to make a difference and not follow the leaders by serving in glass bottles. They had some uber cool decors, with some quirky ways to serve you drinks and food. The ambiance was a pretty satisfying and with those whacky tins as your crockery, it just lets you chill down a bit. And one of the exciting bit is that you can even take them home and choose your own from the plethora of choices.

They have a vast choice of Milkshakes to choose from. I loved the legend (rock salt and caramel), skitters and The nutty professor (peanut butter and chocolate) from the shakes. They were just some wonderful stuff. The Chicken pizza fries, cheese fries were really good but peri peri wasn’t really up to the mark. There were some good burgers though, with some really flavorful patties. The lemonades lacked flavor and need to work on it.

Even the pricing is really cool and cheap. Their food speaks volumes about their integrity and it’s truly one of the places with value for money. Improvement on lemonades and fries will do wonders for them. They have some really good food, so why not just visit them? Don’t forget you get to choose your own cup and tins. So what are you waiting for, go get your own tin now! Thank me later.

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