UP the mandi House

Well, for corporate Hyderabadis, Mandi has become the favourite go to for group lunches and dinners. We can see many new mandi houses opening in Hi-tech and Jubilee hills area. Though one may not get authentic mandi in terms of flavours or experience everywhere, few places do serve some really good mandi. Joining the bandwagon but with a completely different USP is UP Mandi House (formerly known as Up the bistro) in Gachibowli.

The USP being it’s probably the only place in Hyderabad serving mandi in an open terrace, with a refreshing roof top ambience. The seating’s on floor, typical to any mandi house; you might as well dine outside in open air owing to such wonderful weather.

With a simple menu, it’s always easy to make choices. We had wonderful array of starters among which top picks for me were  #ChickenWings , #TandooriChickenTikka and absolutely flaky yet crispy #FishTikka. Then came my favorites #MixMandi (mix of chicken, marag mutton, fish tikka) and #JuicyMuttonMaragMandi both were nice and delicious. Well  it was loaded with almonds and raisins but rice could have had the richness I normally expect in a mandi. Now, this place also has VEG MANDI. Though many might say VEG MANDI is pure blasphemy, they have genuinely made an attempt to make a flavourful one with aloo tikka and French fries and peppers. They have done a decent job overall.

We wrapped up the breezy dinner with umm ali which was simple and flavorful <3

With very competitive pricing and open terrace ambience, UP Mandi House could be a refreshing option for any mandi fan. Try this place out, its surely worth it !!!!

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