SPAR Opens Their New Store

One of the Biggest malls in city of Nizams – Sarath City Capital Mall – is now home to the new SPAR India Hypermarket. Situated at one of the most prime locations of Hyderabad, this is the fifth SPAR store in the city and the one stop destination for all your daily essentials.



Choosing organic produce ensures that you’re picking vegetables and fruits that are cleaner, healthier and better for you. This also means that you’re eating produce that is at its freshest and healthiest, as it is sold soon after it is harvested. SPAR’s Farmer’s market provides you the same. The finest of fruits & vegetables which are fresh, green, firm and soothing to eyes. Leafy veggies are fresh green and without yellowing on the edges or outsides. Their collection of exotic fruits and vegetables is very interesting and new, making it a go-to place if you want to get your hands on rare fruits and vegetables!



Have you ever found yourself enjoying that juicy roast lamb unembarrassed at a restaurant or at work with both hands and cheeks smothered with sauces? Do you forget the knives and the spoons and the forks when it comes to your favourite chicken wings? Definitely, yes! Tell me (please), you have never shied away from doing all that it takes to crack open a shrimp shell.
Isn’t it just awesome to forget the people around and indulge in the meaty dish with YOLO in your mind? If your answer is YES, you are as Big a meat eater as I am. Over the years, I have been to a lot of restaurants and local food eateries just to try different kinds of meat. And when I entered the SPAR’s Meat & Fish section, I was blown away. The varied kinds of options they have for you is tremendous. I was surprised to see so many different fresh water fishes, crabs, lobster, king sized prawns and other meats available to choose from.

Blue crab, Arr fish, pabda, thengda, anchovy, tiger prawns, tilapia, were few of the options that was available to pick from. Want to know the cheery on the cake? All these delicious items were priced lesser than the regular market price. What a bliss! Who wouldn’t say no to such offer. SPAR for me is the best place to sea food shopping.



It’s been a long week and just when you’re ready to sit down and relax, you realize that you’re in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store. Unfortunately, going to the store is often a hassle and can be very timely,
costly and full of temptations. Grocery shopping requires that we spend time looking through the pantry, fridge and freezer to make sure our list is complete, walking up and down the aisles of the store searching for each item, waiting in the long queues and then of course, the tedious travel time. But SPAR’s Taste the World section makes things easier for you. The well organised and timely replenishment ensures that you pick your desired items just in time. You will be more likely to only buy what you need and be able to avoid all the snacks and desserts that are tempting you.

Taste the world section indeed is an effective and impressive way to shop all your daily needs, including exotic and international ingredients and items at much affordable prices than the other super markets.


It is true that not all dishes cooked in our kitchens are delectable enough to clinch the taste buds every time. Every country, along with their superb, finger-licking good food also has some less-delicious items too. But, when you are in India, our cooking masters, our Grandmothers and maternal-grandmothers, knew exactly how to make a less delicious food more delicious – with pickles!
Many types of foods in Indian cuisine are pickled. Mangoes, gooseberries and lemons are examples of foods that are commonly pickled in Indian cuisine.How many times have you craved for something delicious, crunchy, a little pungent, slightly sour, a touch salty to go with your roti or plain rice? If the answer is MANY TIMES, then SPAR’s Grandma’s corner is the answer for all your solutions. One of my personal favourite sections which offers distinctive and wide variety of pickles to choose from which can make any boring, plain food taste extremely yummy!

Carrot pickle, Garlic pickle, Green chili pickle, Onion pickle, Raw mango and chickpea pickle, Red chili pickle and Amla pickle are just few of the delicious options available at this section.


My overall experience at SPAR was an impressive one. Every section had super attentive staff helping me by providing knowledge about the products and the ongoing amazing offers.
Not only they were helping me through-out to pick the right products but also guiding me to their next section and asking the allotted employee to take care of my needs. It was a customer centric experience from the start to end, at the billing counter. If you are looking to shop for top quality products at lowest rates and interact with a smiling staff, helping you save your money, then SPAR HYPERMARKET is the place to be. Go! Visit them for your daily dose of happiness.

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