CarpeDiem-New Party Destination

Another addition to the party scene is Carpe Diem. It is a place full of life with a top-notch pub and is located on road no.36. The ambiance of the place resonates with the décor which has also got some terrific lighting systems. Also, the place is huge, and in the backyard there is a separate dining section with a full-fledged bar and some really good live music.

We started our session with mushroom soup. It had an amazing presentation and was really good. Next it was the Maggi Cheese balls which were soft and tasty. Then we had Burmese Parcels. Those parcels were crispy and the cheesy filling was really good too. The flavors were just right with all the cheese in it. The Galouti kebab was the next. It was soft and succulent with all the flavors but the richness was missing. Next, we indulge in some Patthar Ka Gosht which was surprisingly delectable. A lot of restaurants mess up Patthar Ka Gosht but Carpe Diem was good. The other chicken starter served on a grill was succulent but had flavors worth mentioning. Even the Vietnamese Parcels were great as well. The crispy veggies were a visually splendid and treat for the taste buds!

The main course had an Indonesian dish where heap of flavorful rice was topped with prawn curry. The prawn curry had a subtle taste to it but effective. The prawns were juicy and tasted fabulous. But last but not least is the Meter Pizza. The Giant Pizza is a meter long which has 28 slices. It is a perfect pizza for a fam-jam. But if are a smaller group, they also serve a half meter pizza which serves around 4-5 people. For dessert we had brownie with ice cream which was not that bad.

But overall, we had a great time at Carpe diem, with delectable dishes. But I feel the service can get a lot better. If you are looking out for new place to catch up with your family or friends, it’s a great place to be.

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