Chubby Cho

Brand Sardar has established them as a brand with various successful ventures under their name. From Le Vantage to chubby Cho, every brand speaks volume about their dedication to serve different yet which caters to a large number of audiences. Chubby Cho is another venture in the same building as Fat pigeon and is already turning heads for its pan-Asian food. There are very few restaurants in Hyderabad, which are jam packed during the weekdays and Chubby Cho is one of them. With the quirky and Asian décor all around the place, it looks like those old Japanese restaurants you can walk into and have some great food. The vibrant design and the usage of bamboo gives it a different look and truly, they have got everything in place.

Honestly, Hyderabad lacked a good pan-Asian place, but now Chubby Cho is here at our service. The menu is well thought with description that helps you to decide what to munch on. The descriptions also enhance the dining experience as it describes the ingredients and also the process.  The cost is a little on the higher side given that they source authentic ingredients for all their dishes.

Now, let’s talk about food. If you are not into salads, then the Mandarin Mango Salad and Larb Gai can sweep you off your feet. The freshness and the vibrant textures of every ingredient just makes it even more delicious. The Pepper Cottage Cheese and the Assorted Mushrooms Takrai were definitely some very sumptuous starters. Then, it was time for the Black Bean Chicken which was crispy and munchy. But, my all time favorite would be the Paneer Twister Bao. It was delicious and a must try. The Sushis were definitely a big hit because of their freshness, and looked drop-dead gorgeous. The Sushi menu is not an elaborate spread but they have kept it simple.

My biggest expectations were from the ramen, as I had been desperately waiting to taste it and slurp through. The Chicken ramen was served in a pool of delicious broth vegetables like asparagus, edamame beans, broccoli, and carrots along with slices of chicken and a soft boiled egg. I am still unsure about how authentic it is, but still it just felt right and I felt like slurping through. We ended our session with Water ChestNut Rubies and Chos Trio Twister. The water chestnut rubies lacked flavor and tasted more like our regular jellies. The Cho’s Trio Twister, on the other hand, was awesome. The dragon fruit sorbet and fresh coconut ice cream was a match made in heaven and tasted divine.

Chubby Cho has all the potential for the next go to Pan Asian restaurant for the crowd. Overall, it was wonderful experience and it will only get better with time. I won’t be surprised if it becomes one if my favorite place. Go, give it a visit.


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