Given to the hustle and bustle of today’s life it becomes very important to have those moments to unwind and what could be better than spending that time in a nice lively space. Masquerade a vibrant café lounge located in Gachibowli is one such place to chill out with your friends over some good food and other activities. They have everything a millennial could ask for, board games, play station, music, live sports screening and good food to go along. What makes this place stand apart are the quirky interiors. The abstract art hung right at the entrance in something which will surely catch your attention.

Moving over from the interiors to food, I did try a lot of options and as usual some of them made it to my favorites. The first one has to be Nawabo Ki Shaan and doing justice to its name it did not disappoint at all. The 4 pieces of chicken legs stuffed with flavorful sautéed vegetables was served hot right on our table.The next I had was Crispy Fried Chicken Burger served with fresh olives and lettuce and a side of French fries and chipotle dip to go with. The chicken patty was quite crispy and cheesy with a very nice texture, though lacking a little mayonnaise. To quench my thirst, I tried Summer Hummer, a litchi based mock tail.  This drink was a delicious one with tanginess coming in from the litchi and sweet flavors from the strawberry crush topped with fresh cream.

Post all this deliciousness it was time for some main course, and I wanted to keep that a simple affair. I ordered the good old Mutton Rogan Josh and it turned out to be the best one. It did have some extra amount of oil in it but went very well with Cheese Naan. The mutton was cooked to perfection and was very tender.

Given to my Indian taste buds no meal is complete without some dessert and to satiate that craving I choose the Nutella Waffle which was perfectly soft and the topping of Nutella and honey was a heavenly combination.Even though I visited this place on a weekend, the service was very well managed and the staff was quick in the turnaround time whilst being courteous. The place definitely needs a visit given to their ambience and affordable pricing with good food.

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