With almost every eatery trying to build their name in the buzzing areas of Hyderabad, Ghrelin is one new café and patisserie which has not taken the traditional route to begin with. They started from Himayat Nagar, a not so commercial area for such spaces and are slowly making noise. The edge they have over others is the pricing which they have kept very low as compared to the ones in the same genre. The interiors are done up well with cute little corners making it all Instagram worthy.  They have a lot more to offer other than the desserts, ranging from pizza, parties, cheesecakes, eggs, pies, mousse, waffles, pancakes and much more.

I happen to visit this gem a few weeks back and it did not disappoint. Going by the specialty I started with their dessert menu. In the pastries I opted for Ferrero Rocher Brownie, Blueberry Cheesecake, Carrot Cheesecake Pastry, in the tarts I tried Dark Chocolate and Mango Tart and the waffle had to be my favorite Nutella Banana Waffle. The ingredients used were of high quality which was evident in the preparations. It was extremely difficult for me to choose my favorite but I did sway a little more towards the Carrot Cheesecake Pastry and Nutella Banana Waffle.

With all this sugar rush it was time to try out some savory items from the menu. Kurchan Roll and Chicken Puff were really appetizing and tasted well. I also happen to try their Fried Cheese Salsa Burger which had mozzarella cheese slice all fried up to make it crispy, stuffed between a soft buttered bun and tangy salsa sauce. The only drawback was it needs to be finished quickly before it gets cold. Another alternative to mozzarella could have been the use of Cheddar cheese. Post this I tried Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich which was mild and had a good taste whilst being healthy.

The best was saved for the last Pomodoro, pink sauce pasta was a hit! This pasta had to be the best one I have tried so far and that too at an amazing price of INR.200! Be it the desserts or the food everything was made to perfection and also a great care was taken for plating which made it even more attractive.

This place is definitely here to stay and has to be in the list of cafes and patisseries to be visited. The pricing has been kept minimal with no exceptions being made to the quality being served. I would definitely recommend this place as this is a must visit for all.

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