To find a place serving regional cuisine amidst all the pubs and lounges is close to impossible. But Krishnapatnam has proved it otherwise as they opened up right in the heart of the city in between all the clubs and lounges. They recently opened up in Shrestha Aura, 3rd floor located in Jubilee Hills. It is the same building of By the Bottle and President Dhaba and Bar. The moment you step into this beautiful traditionally designed space you are transported to a traditional village land. The artworks across the place are quite appealing and gives a traditional feel. The space is quite huge with ample seating and the best part had to the swings which are used for seating the dinners.

Our dinner was a preset menu and started with soups, Chicken Soup was my preferred one as it had that heat from grounded pepper used in it which left quite a good aftertaste. Next was Kerala Style Mutton Soup which lacked mutton meat but tasted good. From the starters I liked Korameenu Fish Fry which was crunchy and good in taste, Gongura Pacchimirchi Mamsam Vepudu had that perfect tangy flavor coming in from the gongura and the meat was well cooked too. Royal Vepudu as always was on the spicier side and flavorful. All the starters served were authentic in flavors but did lack salt in them. The best part about these starters was they were tweaked a little on the spices to cater to the non-spice eaters around.


From the main course we had Telangana Mutton Curry and Chicken Chettinad Curry with a vast variety of bread options to choose from. Both the curries were cooked to perfection with authentic flavors being intact. Kodi Vepudu Pulao is not something to look out for and definitely needs changes in the recipe, Keema Biryani though did not appeal much to the eyes but did taste well.

From the desserts Mayabogh had to be my personal favorite as the fresh fruits used in it were really amazing. While Malai Sandwich was good and liked by all Channa Toast did not go down well. The desserts definitely need some improvement.

The place did score on the service part as the staff was courteous and quick. To sum it all Krishnaptnam is definitely a go to place for people to indulge in some authentic telugu cuisine.

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