Plush Creamery

As someone rightly said ’You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy Ice Cream and that is pretty much the same thing.’  Tell me one person who could say no to an ice cream, there is none. We see so many ice cream stores coming up in the city in order to make a mark but fail miserably, only a handful are able to sustain. One such newbie Plush Creamery has been making waves from the time it opened. They have already set up 3 outlets in Hyderabad and all have been getting a pretty good feedback.

First things first I started with the ice creams and tried Choco Fudge Brownie and Butterscotch. The flavours were smooth and a testimony to the quality of ingredients being used. Post these I tried Raspberry and Peanut Butter and there was not even a slight taste of any artificial flavours as these were as good as fresh products. These two had to be my favourite. In order to give you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of flavours one can opt for tasters and later go for the one they like in a cup or a waffle cone.

After having tried the single scoops I then decided to give soft serves a try, and they did stand out. The Mango Twirl and Belgian Chocolate Twirl tasted exceptionally well, with mango one taking a lead because of the small chunks of mangoes and dry fruits giving it a delicious flavour. Not being a chocolate lover myself I was taken by surprise with the offerings in the chocolate flavours. They add 4% of cocoa in the initial preparation itself which gives that actual bitterness and brings out the flavours of the beans. With everything going on the right track, Gulab Jamun Twirl came as a disappointment being extremely sweet due to honey being added over and above the gulab jamun.

I did give their waffles also a try and they were a tad bit different from the ones we usually get outside. The waffles here have a soft and chewy texture as compared to the crispy ones we are used to. Frankly speaking they did not ting a bell for me until I tried the Nutella and Butterscotch ones. Having said that my favourite out of all was Blueberry Cheesecake Waffle having a creamy layer of cream cheese with a good amount of blueberry compote and topped with freshly whipped cream.

The place is definitely recommended and does stand true to its concept of “no artificial colour and flavours”


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