The booming nightlife of Hyderabad is giving opportunities for entrepreneurs to come up with their own version of rooftop bars. Resign skybar is the new rooftop in town and another place to hangout for the party goers.  Located on the 5th level of Ohri’s cyber grub complex, Hitech city, it is surely grabbing a lot attention with its uniqueness.

It’s a rooftop bar and it surely is a place to go back again, again! As you walk in, the huge bar set up and moving lamps on either side of the bar, gives it the charm. The place is spacious and has got two levels of seating options.

Now, what’s the best part of this place? It’s the mesmerizing skyline of the city that is visible from the rooftop. Who doesn’t love a bar with a view? The rooftop open area has got a cozy, comfortable feeling all over with dim lighting. It’s surely a nice place to go for a date or spending some time with your partner. There’s a mini bar counter too.

This place has got an array of Cocktails/Mocktails/ Shooters, etc. We started our tasting session with appetizers like Basil pesto paneer tikka, Resign mash cakes etc. The Basil pesto paneer tikka had soft, juicy pieces of paneer marinated in pesto and cooked to perfection. The pesto was flavorful. Next was Resign mash cakes where the smoothly mashed potatoes along with cheese were shaped into tikkis and then deep fried. The mashed potato was especially good and the BBQ sauce poured over the dish was just lip smacking. Then was the time for some fried wontons. Golden basket was the name of the dish. There were fried wontons stuffed with different flavors ranging from lemon grass, vegetables, corn and tofu served along with a sweet chilli sauce.  The Crispy corn was wonderful as well. We also tried their Red romance salad and Vada Pav. I really liked them as well.

For the non-vegetarian appetizers we had some terrific dishes. The crispy lamb chips was the hero of the night. They were crispy and flavorful. The chips were also tossed in sweet chilli sauce which made it just top notch. Next was the Mutton sukkha bomb. It was a dish where the  dough is shaped into small balls and filled with pieces of dry mutton cooked Indian spices and then fried. It was so delectable.

The main course also had some beautiful dishes. The Ghee roast chicken was spicy, flavorful and went well with parottas.  The Kheema dal khichdi was new to me but needless to just wondeful. The flavor of ghee enhanced the flavor and the minced meat was just a beautiful addition. We also had their Paneer makhani served with malabar parotta. Along with some Indian food, there was also pizza. The thin crust Pesto chicken pizza had good sized toppings but it wasn’t that great.

But nothing ends without dessert. We tried their Resign Tres Leches and Banofee pie. Both the desserts were my immediate favorite and even the presentation was just top notch.

Resign Skybar should be on your list if you are a nightowl. It is one of the best places to be in Hyderabad. Visit it and your weekend is sorted!

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