With the ongoing additions to the restaurants in Hyderabad we have a new entrant to the family dining, Swadesh. The restaurant is serving various cuisines catering to different taste buds. During our dinner we majorly focused on the Indian cuisine and few from the Chinese one. With a pleasing décor the place is spacious and can house 60 diners at a time.

We started our dinner with Pepper Lemon Chicken Soup which is definitely a must try with a flavorful tangy taste to it. From the starters we had Lasooni Mirchiwala Machi Kebab, fresh fish kebabs with a garlicy flavor to it, they could have been better provided they were less salty.

Murgh Afghani Kebab was another dish with perfectly cooked chicken and great presentation. The flavors were not overpowering and just perfect.

Chili Prawns had a very distinct flavor from the regular ones and it was the sauce which made it stand out.

Roast Chilly Mutton, one dish highly recommended by HFD at Swadesh. Perfectly cooked mutton with all the right spices and marination made this one the star of the night.

From the vegetarian menu we tried Paneer Banjara Kebab, the paneer pieces used in this were really soft and overall taste was good. However, the mustard marination was a tad bit overpowering for my liking.

Post starters it was time to try the main course. We started with the the most interestingly named dish on the menu Murgh Chatpat Masala and boom we were not disappointed! This was a perfect example of never judge a book by its cover as it was not a spicy one but flavorful. We followed this with a mutton dish, Mutton Lahori and going by the experience in the starters this mutton preparation was better than the chicken one. The mutton was very tender and right amount of spices used. We opted for a bread basket to go with these and among them Garlic Naan and Ajwaini Naan became my favorite.

No dinner is complete without having an amazing biryani. We tried Special Mutton Biryani and Chicken Dum Biryani.  Both of these were cooked to perfection and had an amazing taste. Special Mutton Biryani had to be the best one I have tried so far with perfectly proportionate use of rice and mutton in it.

Going the traditional way, we ended our dinner with the sweets. We tried the Gulab Jamun and Chocolate Brownie with Ice-cream. Both of them were good in taste but Brownie stood out among the two.

The restaurant needs to work on their drinks menu. We tried Blue Lagoon, Mango Masti and Fruit Punch.  All of these were way too sweet and definitely needs a rework.

Overall this place comes out to be a promising one and definitely needs a visit, my rating for this would be 4 on a scale of 5.

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