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Rajdhani is a restaurant concept where you walk in as a regular customer and walk out feeling like royals. There is nothing very special  inside the restaurant which will make you feel different, but the good service along with the food that’s being served in generous proportions, makes it special. This unlimited thali is massive and covers over more than 12 dishes. If you are looking to have a royal vegetarian feast, then Rajdhani Thali Restaurant is your best bet.A perfect place to have Rajsthani and Gujarati food in Hyderabad. Ambience is of rajwadi style and food is just delicious. Visit on Tuesday when they have their cheapest thali of the week.

All the items in thali they serve are just awesome. Palak paneer, dalbati, bajra roti, Mal poha, gatte ki sabji, pakoda kadi are just few names to give. Mal poha is just awesome in taste. You will be lucky If you can get it. If you are visiting this restaurant, be ready to consume excess calories as you will find food with ample amount of ghee just like in Rajasthan or Gujarati’s have in their menu. Service is pretty quick too.


“Ulavacharu” is a delicacy from the Krishna and Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh and they named their restaurant as “Ulavacharu”.They have two branches in Hyderabad, one at Jubilee hills and the other at Gachibowli. Truly, Ulavacharu is one of the premium and popular restaurant of Hyderabad. If one is looking for that authentic Andhra cuisine in the city,  it is a must visit. The place has photo frames dotting walls and the aesthetics are further enhanced as the ambience is decked up with traditional look, their hospitality is impressive as well. The Ambience has a Typical Telugu feel to it and the classic telugu songs are played in the background which makes it soulful.

Coming to the cuisine it is a cross between Andhra and Rayalseema Cuisines.They have wide varieties of thalis and pulavs ,the Raju Gari Kodi Pulao has a special significance warmly spiced with a subtle sweetness, which is hot mushy and one of the highlights of the place. Korameenu (fish) Chips, Ulavacharu Lo Peethalu (crabs) are very popular among starters. Ulavacharu has always been know for their authentic andhra and telangana cuisine delicacies but its their thali that’s less spoken about. With enriching dishes in it, any telangana thali cant missed. And those yummy pulaos , spicy yet delicious meats surrounded by your quintessential ingredients of thali like sambhar, pachadi, rasam , majjiga , papad n dry fries.when you get a taste of a entire regional cuisine in a plate, what’s to complaint… you should try their thali for complete regional showdown of flavours n spices.


The Spicy Venue comes highly recommended as a place for authentic Andhra food and some of their signature dishes. The menu contains all sorts of food including Indian-Chinese and generic Indian food but I love sticking to their local, traditional dishes and always end up having MLA Potlam Biryani & their thali.The food at Spicy Venue has remained surprisingly consistent over the years.

MLA Potlam Biryani is a light and flavourful almost pilaf like biryani wrapped in an omelette. Delicious, comforting, satisfying and also large enough to feed at least two.The thaali surprisingly does not have a dessert. But boy, it does have everything else that you need.The Vegetarian Thali consist of poori, papad, dal, kurma curry, gongura pachchadi, pulav, dondakaya vepudu, potlakaya curry, sambhar, rasam, perugu and plain rice. The thaali varies daily but the one I love has  the best kadi dish, really tasty bhindi (coming from someone who despises bhindi) and a tangy daal/pappu. The puris are fabulous (they give two per person) and papad as well. Their curd is absolutely fresh and thick. I personally recommend mixing the curd, daal, ghee and rice for the best flavor combination.


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