Wai Wai The legendary Noodles

When I first ate Wai Wai, it was love at first bite and mind you I was one of those cool kids, eating it right out of the packet.

It’s been almost 36 years when Wai Wai was first introduced in the Nepali market by Mr.Binod Chaudhary. The introduction of Wai Wai to the world was not planned by him but happened as he was trying to figure out a way to put the excess flour he had from the biscuits manufacturing to use. Wai Wai was influenced by the Thai instant noodles which were a craze back then in Nepal, but he kept the flavoring localized, as per the flavors used in Nepali cuisine.

I am sure all the 80’s kids would agree with me on how excited they would feel when they were able to get their hands around on a packet of Wai Wai back then, I mean that feeling can’t be explained, anything foreign was a luxury.

There are many ways to eat Wai Wai, be it in a form of instant soup, regular noodles or eat it raw- #MunchitLunchitSoupit! The best way according to me would be to just crush it inside the packet, mix the flavorings that come along, shake the packet a bit and eat it raw- that crunch you get from it cannot be compared to any other noodle available in the market. Fun fact for all you guys- it is the only ready to eat noodle available in India. Another thing that makes it different from the other noodles available today is the flavored oil that comes along with it; it has a garlicky flavor which trust me can get you addicted.

During my early years Wai Wai or noodles were banned in my house as my mother was a firm believer of eating healthy. This delicacy was a far off dream that I would only be able to relish by sneaking out of the house and enjoying it in one corner. That’s how I had first tasted Wai Wai, ‘by sneaking out’ and It was sooooooo good!

But moms being moms, she somehow figured it out and my secret was busted, but what came along was surprising as she allowed Wai Wai into the house but as per her preparation. She made it into a noodle soup mixed with chicken pieces and vegetables and that still remains one of my favorites.

There are almost 15 different varieties of Wai Wai available in the market today but the most popular one in India are the vegetarian and the chicken flavors.

The WAI WAI noodles penetration is not that deep in India apart from East and north eastern states where it has almost 60% market share. But don’t be disappointed #LoversOfWaiWai, because you too can get your fill of the noodle given the brand is massively expanding in the Southern and Western regions. Given its distinct flavors and strong history of travelling through word of mouth, I am confident that it will be as popular as it is in the North East regions, elsewhere as well.

Despite any backlashes or health concerns there is not second opinion that instant noodles and particularly Wai Wai have a special place in our lives and it is unavoidable, this product is here to stay.



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