Hi, I'm Mohd Zubair Ali.



Mohd Zubair Ali, the name behind famous Hyderabad. Food. diaries have made a significant name for himself in this industry through his dedication and hard work. Zubair Ali is not someone who needs any introduction, as not only Hyderabadis but others too look forward to his reviews for Hyderabad’s food. He has been active on his Instagram handle, running around every nook and corner of the city to bring forward the hidden jems. He not only visits the star properties but also never shy’s away from exploring local stalls.

The Gourmet King as referred by the famous magazine, he has been awarded with multiple awards across major platforms with the most recent being the Best Travel and Food Influencer of the Year- 2021 by WIBAINDIA.

The Hyderabad Food Diaries focuses on discovering new and old Hyderabad neighbourhoods. It includes everything related to restaurants, street food, 5-star hotels, bars, lounges, and so on. The list seems endless but the story behind this is endearing at the same time highly motivating.